>Who Wouldn’t Want To Show Off The White House?

>If I were President, I know all my friends would be asking: “So when’s the party?” You could just imagine a kegger on the Rose Garden right?

The White House released a list of some of the visitors that have come since President Obama has taken office? It didn’t get a lot of attention with Afghanistan, the economy, and healthcare taking up most of the news time, but some of the people who visited kinda worry me.

The first one was Michael Jordan. Now I know the president likes basketball, played for the Chicago Bulls, and is the greatest that ever played. But did you see his speech when he was inducted into the hall of fame? It’s hard to say that I actually ever liked Michael Jordan considering all the times he came into MSG and trounced the Knicks. But I was a fan and to see how much of a douchebag he really is, is really shocking.

Who the hell tells their kids he would hate to be them?

My concern is that his douchbaginess will infect the White House, and all of a sudden Obama will quit being President and try a career as a day time talk show host. I know he’s capable of doing it because he’s a great speaker, and when people ask him questions he always knows exactly what to say. Plus I’m sure his ratings will be high if no one has a job.

Another name that stood out to me was former Presidential candidate John Edwards. It’s safe to say this guy is on everyone’s a-hole list right now. But according to the list, he’s been to the White House four times.

Is this the guy Obama really wants to listen to? Forget all the stuff about the affair. Edwards was saying there were two different America’s when then candidate Obama was telling people there’s one and brought everyone together. There was an article about how the strategy Obama used to get this far in the health care debate has worked. Why, all of a sudden, would he want to be taking advice from someone who had no leadership position and didn’t pass a single piece of legislation when he was in the Senate?

I guess having a blowout with all my friends wouldn’t really be a good idea. But if Stevie Wonder wants to perform at my house he’s more then welcome. And in the end these people are just visitors, and who wouldn’t want to show off the White House?


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